intro video
Guarding Athena: Hades


The armies of the Underworld are stirring to conquer the land.

Athena has once again called upon young heroes from all time and space, with different destinies.

As the most devout of warriors, you will rediscover the heroic journey of mythical tales.

Under the guidance of the Gods,

You will be a great warrior and defend against attacks from the Underworld.

intro video
Lostland Raiders

EoM follows up Watcher Of Samsara with another circular circle tower defense (TD) game.

Players must clear the number of monsters below the alert line within a time limit.

Construct formations, upgrade troops, assign equipment, and challenge monsters.

Join forces with your teammates, and defeat the bosses to win!

Custom Hero Chaos

Powerful heroes, online skill selection!

Hundreds of props to survive the competition!

And every round of real-time guessing.

Welcome to explore a brand-new version!

Watcher of Samsara

A circular circle tower defense game.

Monsters are about to breach the cordon!

Unite your teammates, build a formation, clear out quickly and defuse the crisis!

Lostland Commander


We are in the Lostland! Your courage and wisdom are needed to lead your loyal legions through the mysteries!

Enlist your troops and turn a band of rabble into the most glorious warriors!

Unleash spells to support the battlefield under your command!